La lana del Re

Where does the story end and the stories begin? At the Lanificio Paoletti in Follina, I tried to give an answer by telling a story and embroidering on it. "La lana del Re" is a site-specific fiction, a free narration in images and words, the result of a historiographical research on facts and people linked to the Lanificio Paoletti in the period between the two wars. With the help of the historic wool manufacturer active since 1795, I collected archival materials, documents, publications, interviews, voices and memories (re)building a story in history, a story in history.

The prologue is an analysis conducted on the period images of the Paoletti Wool Mill that portray some significant moments in the life of the Lanificio, making three components interact: image, wool, time. One of these images was used for the communication of the fourth edition of La Via della Lana, the review of events organized by Lanificio Paoletti, expanding the scope of the project and the thickness of the thread that connects past and present.

What is the beginning of the story? And its outcome? Going in depth, unexpected points of view and hidden sides of history are discovered.

  • Published: 2017
  • Type: website