Aummagumma · by Ivan Dal Cin

Similar to the cover of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma, the images produced for the Aummagumma exhibition were composed of internal and cross-references between digital brushstrokes, chosen from the archive of the vector graphics software. Brushstrokes on the surface are actually icons, painting of painting in which action painting, minimalism and pop art flow back. It’s a fusion recipe that blends project and action, analysis and expression, type and token, order and chaos.

The title of the exhibition also recalls the Neapolitan vernacular expression "Aumm Aumm", an exhortation to silence and secrecy which has been accepted as a paradoxical strategy of visibility. Some paintings were printed on materials and surfaces used in advertising, designed to attract attention, which, however, seem to be throttled, tamed. The visibility quest turns in a visual research, which is also literally a false friend.