Ibidem · by Ivan Dal Cin

It's quite clear to me how the relationship between work, frame and exhibition space has changed. But why, with what purpose was the work itself renounced in favor of the context?

With this project I returned to the crime scene - the white cube - to affirm the indispensability of the image and its substantial independence from space. In doing this I use inversely a site-specific modality that confuses the contours of the space and the physical extension of the work by acting on the edge-limit that separates and defines both.

The adhesive tape acts on the separation between space and work without resolving in one direction or the other. The work consists of the future photographic series that will remedy the signs in space without being a simple documentation or installation view. Those traced with adhesive tape are multivocal visual tools: signs, supports, surfaces, work margins, spatial measurements, photographic delimiters.